Gila River Power

The Gila River Power Station is comprised of four individual combined cycle power facilities located on 1,100 acres near Phoenix, Arizona. The station can produce approximately 2,200-megawatt of electrical power.
Power Market
The Gila River Power Station is located in southwestern Maricopa County in the town of Gila Bend, Arizona, which is about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix and 30 miles south of the Palo Verde trading hub. The Gila River plant is interconnected to the Arizona power transmission network through two 500 kV ties and one 230 kV tie. These interconnections provide access to energy markets throughout the southwest and allow the plant to sell power to serve the needs of the Arizona, New Mexico, southern Nevada and southern California markets.
Full commercial operation began August 2003.
Natural gas is delivered to the station via a 19-mile, 30-inch pipeline, which has a dual connection to both the El Paso natural gas main pipeline and the TransWestern natural gas mainline. The 30-inch pipeline lateral is owned by Gila River Power Station and is capable of providing delivery of natural gas for the maximum design requirements of the Gila River plant.
There are eight GE 7-FA combustion turbines with inlet air fogging, eight Alstom heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) with supplemental duct-firing and four GE single case, single flow axial exhaust condensing steam turbines located at the Gila Power Station.
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